(photo by LaDeDa Photography) 

Hello!  I began my design career as a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. This is where I became a graphic designer with a passion for visual identity and package design. After a successful design career, spanning over 20 years, I settled down in the Hudson Valley to raise a family.  As life transformed and changed direction I began to desire a new inspiration.

Inspiration manifested one Sunday morning while taking in my surroundings during a church service at St. Luke’s in Beacon, NY.  The symbols and the signs that surrounded me…timeless symbols that spoke to my beliefs and provided me with a sense of peace and calm.  This led to my journey researching symbols and their meanings from different faiths, beliefs and cultures.  I wanted to visually interpret them simply, uniquely and with strength… expressive pieces that one would want to wear everyday.

The process of creating meant going back to the basics of paper and pencil in hand.  I began doing what I knew best, graphically creating symbols two dimensionally on the computer from my sketches.  The challenge…turning my two dimensional designs into three dimensional forms.  Being a graphic designer I knew I did not want to take the more traditional route of “handmade jewelry”.  So instead of hand sculpting tools I opted for a mouse and keyboard.  I began to learn the technology behind CAD jewelry design.  I interpreted my designs three dimensionally with software that turned my thoughts and keystrokes into small works of art.  These works were then sent in the form of digital files to a 3D print manufacturer, cast and produced in metal. The result, a unique piece of jewelry!

It has been a learning experience and an exciting extension to my design repertoire.  I hope you will visit again as I will continue to add to the Allegory collection.

Susan Labodin